Anarchism Is Evolutionary

Evolutionary Anarchism

Anarchism is evolutionary, not revolutionary. The system is broken because it shouldn’t exist. The promise of more freedom via voting doesn’t = freedom. It defies logic to free ourselves from one cage and lock ourselves in another.

True freedom is having the ability to look deep within the human psyche and establish our own moral codes. Is it just law that prevents most people from murdering others or is there a guide that comes from within? We are all reflections of mass society (you’re in denial or a liar if you say you don’t see it) and until we flesh it out, no amount of changing of the guards, sharing the same political memes online year after year, or bleating about the rights elected strangers allow you to have will improve the collective condition. It will, however, worsen it.

Getting right with ourselves and/or the God of our convictions will be what saves us from ourselves. Accepting that it’s man’s inherent need to rule and control by any means necessary (especially so in groups) that makes politicians, and ultimately government, dangerous to the personal agency of the individual, can lead to a freer, more enriching, and more deliberate human experience for all.

Self-ownership involves more than rulers just ceasing to exist. It is a generational/evolutionary shift in consciousness. Those who can’t look within will always need rulers. Those who can look within care little for the manufactured world and are focused on building character, legacies, homesteads and plans so future generations can receive the beautiful, peaceful and ethical gift of an anarchism based existence with true freedom and autonomy.

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