A Jolly Good Lesson

We have spent two hundred million pounds to prove the fact
once more,
That horses are quicker than men afoot, since two and two
make four;
And horses have four legs, and men have two legs, and two
into four goes twice,
And nothing over except our lesson–and very cheap at the

— Kipling

In a land where very few citizens pay much attention to the history of their own country, and where even less know anything about the history of the rest of the world, pretty much nobody knows anything about the history of the Boers – except for a small minority of South Africans.

Yet the Boer wars against the English empire were remarkably significant to not just South Africa, but to the future (and ultimate end) of the British empire, and to the end of warfare as a “civilized” conflict between “civilized” people, most of them white people.

And why is this obscure bit of history important to us? Perhaps it is just one more example of how violent and murderous the State is, and perhaps also it is a lesson for those of us who wish to fight for our freedom – states will stop at nothing to murder, enslave and steal, and so one must fight very hard, if you are going to have any chance of success.

The second Boer War in particular was brutal and savage, and included the massive use of artillery and machine guns, the destruction of civilian farms and crops to starve the Boers, and the British putting Boer women and children, and many black South Africans, into concentration camps, where many died of starvation, disease, and ill treatment.

And why did the British expend roughly 50 billion dollars (in todays dollars) in order to defeat a small colony of farmers descended from the original Dutch settlers of the 17th century? The British government made up several excuses, but really the answer is very simple.



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