Country Folks Can Survive

There are many reasons to live in a city, particularly if you like being a wage slave, paying exorbitant taxes, getting robbed, assaulted and your car stolen (you won’t have a car much longer anyway), forced to stay in your home because of a epidemic and perhaps dying in it alone, paying increasing high prices for shitty food and fuel – if you can get any at all – and someday, if you are lucky, getting bombed into oblivion because your masters decided to start a war so they can become even richer.

But I realize that most of you enjoy your “urban lifestyle” and will never leave your ridiculously priced box . At least, you won’t until it is too late, and then you will be slaughtered. Unless you are unlucky, and then you will be forced into a cattle car, and then you will be slaughtered.

This is nothing new – the history of civilization is the history of slavery and mass murder, with periodic plagues and famines providing some temporary horror to relieve the endless boredom of your semi-conscious life. Some, however, might desire a different lifestyle, that might allow you to survive the collapse of your fantasy world. If you think your life is worth something and you want to survive, you don’t have much time left – I suggest you get started immediately.

There is of course no free lunch. You will need to work hard, and learn many new skills. And you will for the most part need to learn how to entertain yourselves – there is no sportsball nor stadium rock in the country. And if you are looking for a mate, Tinder won’t generate any matches – you’ll have to find them the old fashioned way. Country folk are different than you in many significant ways.
No guarantees in the country – you always must work for your freedom. If you don’t, you will remain a slave.

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