Can’t Stop The Signal

Before the internet, people all over the world communicated with each other via radio, and when governments shut down all legal means of communication, people were still able to talk to each other, and even send and receive data, through radio.

Today with ubiquitous internet and cell phones, you might ask what is the point of radio. Well just observe what your masters use to communicate with each other (it ain’t cell phones), and ask why the government claims to own ALL the electromagnetic spectrum on the planet, and why it costs so much to get a license to broadcast on AM or FM.

In the last several years there have been some significant improvements in radio technology, as well as less expensive options for those of you who still need to get your first radio. Those of you who want to communicate effectively over long distances, regardless of whether or not your masters give you permission, will want to acquire this easy to learn and fun set of skills.

Remember, when the government shuts down the cell network, takes over your computer and phone and spies on you, and seizes the internet backbone and centralized servers, radios will still work just fine – they can’t shut down the electromagnetic spectrum.


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