Another Brick In The Wall

Why would government force children to go to school? Why should taxpayers be forced to pay for it? And what really is taught in government schools? Are we really better educated now than in the 18th century?

Compulsory state education is so common now that most people think it has been the norm forever. Not so, and the original purposes of our “public” schools had more to do with indoctrinating religion and obedience to the state than they had with learning.

It even turned out that industrialization really didn’t mean that everyone needed to become more educated – what it really meant is that everyone needed to become obedient workers that follow orders and show up on time. Now with automation, robotics, and artificial intelligence, indoctrinated workers are less useful to business. But the government still needs obedience.

Really it’s obvious – what we learn in public schools is that Democracy is God’s government, that war is not so bad, that we must respect and obey authority at all times, and that creativity is the same as rebellion.

The Theory of Education in The U.S:

Education: Free And Compulsory:

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